We focus on hydromechanics, hydrotechnics and hydroelectricity.

We are concerned particularly with objects of dams, weirs, bed drops, intakes, hydroelectric power plants, water stream channels, waterways, flood-control protection, pipe networks, gates, etc. Using physical and mathematical (chiefly numerical) models we simulate flow of surface and subsurface water in the pressure regime, or with free water level, with transport of substances, and effects on constructions and environments.

We provide teaching in bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes. We organise courses within Lifelong learning and the Universities of the Third Age.

We carry out basic and applied research. We assess technical standards, articles, methodologies and calculation procedures. We provide advisory and consultation activity in designing, administrating and repairing water management objects. We perform supervisions, risk analysis, professional translations and expertise.

We specialise in precise measurements of flow characteristics and develop new gauges and methods of measurement for them. We carry out official measurements of liquid flows, for which we have authorisation of ÚNMZ (the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing). We calibrate gauges of velocity and discharge. We monitor flow and the behaviour of objects in field conditions. We verify designs of objects using physical and numerical models.

We present the results of our work in the form of books, articles in journals, papers at conferences, certified methodologies, software, prototypes, functional samples, maps, pilot plants and patents. We organise conferences, seminars and workshops. You can see our activity with your own eyes within the Open Doors Days and the Night of Scientists.

We cooperate in our activity with Czech and foreign universities, state administration and companies.