Subjects of bachelor study programme

AR051 Integration of structures to landscape (prof. Ing. Jan Šulc, CSc.)
BP001 Field Training (V)
BP053 Bachelor seminar (V)
BR004 Hydraulics (prof. Ing. Jan Šulc, CSc.)
BR005 Hydraulics and Hydrology (doc. Ing. Jan Jandora, Ph.D.)
BR006 River Training and Weirs (prof. Ing. Jan Šulc, CSc.)
BR007 Dams and hydropower engineering (prof. Ing. Jaromír Říha, CSc.)
BR008 Project of water structures (doc. Ing. Aleš Dráb, Ph.D.)
BR051 Hydraulics and Hydrology (K, V) (doc. Ing. Jan Jandora, Ph.D.)
BR052 Hydraulics of Open Channel Flow (doc. Ing. Jan Jandora, Ph.D.)
BR053 Hydro power utilization (prof. Ing. Jan Šulc, CSc.)
BR054 Designing of hydrotechnical structures (prof. Ing. Jaromír Říha, CSc.)
BR056 Hydroinformatics 1 (V) (doc. Ing. Aleš Dráb, Ph.D.)
BS001 Waterworks structures